пятница, 13 декабря 2013 г.

VA - Aliases Vol​.​1: 1 Particle, 2 Places

There is experiments of quantum physics that place an alone sub-atomic particle in 2 different places simultaneously. Probably our brain is still not prepared to really understand this. Nevertheless this compilation use the experiment as base of its own existence.
Most of the producers, When they work on their studios to build songs, end up by experimenting with genres or sub-genres that do not "fit" with themselves or are not their official tendency.
Here we compile these works, this places where the mind of the musician does not have social or artistic limitations due to the fact that he/she has a strict public or a project that limits him/her.

Under this premise, the freedom and the experimentation, we have caught few Electro composers so they could give us their "bastards" creations.

But, the experiment doesn't end here … Any of them are allowed to use their known names or their artistic known projects. All of them had to create an alias, a never used name and they have the commitment to keep it private.

Even between their release mates, the identities aren't known.

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