четверг, 8 августа 2013 г.

DMX Krew - Cities In Flight

Довольно меланхоличная в целом, буги ориентированная пластинка (сказывается увлечение Эда Аптона синт-фанком в последние годы) современного прифанкованного электро, насквозь пропитанного аналоговыми звуками из 80-х.

"Edward Upton’s DMX Krew project has achieved legendary status over the years, be it through close collaborations with Aphex Twin’s phenomenal Rephlex imprint or the string of electro funk boogie 7”s released on his own Fresh Up Recordings. Either way, DMX Krew is a producer that has remained fresh and exciting for all the right reasons. His latest LP ‘Cities in Flight’ on relatively new label Central Processing Unit sticks to the same formula in pulling together eight cuts of retro tinged electro grooves. As expected a veteran, the quality of production is staggering, mature yet never taking itself too seriously. The LP launches off with “Binary Neutron Star”, an aptly titled slice of catchy space funk that then gives way for the grooving boogie beats of “Cities in Flight”. “Zaibatsu” is a moodier number that lifts the tempo, always maintaining a steady groove; however the mischievous “Malformed Video ID” lifts the mood with its flirting retro video game inspired base lines. “D 75 Theme” works the 80s vibes with a pulsing kick drum and nostalgic melodies. Another landmark release from an inspired producer who sounds far from running out of ideas."

"By turns he switches between fruity jazz-funk riffage on 'Malformed Video ID' to crisp Dopplereffekt styles elsewhere on the sprightly 'EPR Phenomena', the downslow 'Dependency Gap', and the Other People Place pirouettes of 'Cities In Flight', thru to The Human League instrumental styles of 'D75 Theme' and proper Rephlexian funk on 'Binary Neutron Star."

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