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Spotta Sounds 09.05.13

Sleep Tight - Weldroid
Radiant Flux - DVS NME ***Promo from DVS-NME's Third LP Coming May 14th.
Polarize - Andrea Parker & David Morley
Synthetic Cognition - Audraulic
Binary Dreams - Samuel Kane
Old Hat - ADJ
The Logger Returns - Weldroid
Solitude - Pip Williams ***Exclusive From Pip. No release details yet.
Human Robot V2.0 - Giuseppe Mereu R.I.P.
Organic Synthesis - Plant43
One Moment In Time (AS1 Electro Mix) - Optic Nerve ***Promo forthcoming on Puzzlebox. no release date yet.
Lament Subrosa - E.R.P.
Phase Space - Gosub
Normal Behaviour? - Versalife
Dredge - Dez Williams ***Exclusive. No release details yet.
Yama Loka Express - Achim.Bloch
Wires - Dark Vektor
Recombinant Creations - Versalife
Second Phases (Kamikaze Remix) - The Exaltics
Fantasy at Dawn - Heuristic Audio
Electro Boogie - Melogik
64 Guns - Decal
Engraved Anger - Heuristic Audio
The Tide Will Turn - Decal
Spineless - Dez Williams ***Exclusive. No release details yet.
Speaker Sex - AS1
Nannytown - UR
Mirage - Perception
I Dream of Beats - Di'jital
Nuts - AS1

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