суббота, 19 ноября 2011 г.

Gendroid – Back To The Past EP

Затейливый электрофанк прямиком из 80-х, фанковый буги-саунд и хлёсткие электро биты от украинского продюсера, бывшего би-боя, занявшегося музыкой в 2008 и на данный момент ставшего в один ряд с современными апологетами электро фанка. Лимитированное издание в 100 CD-R копий + digital.

Have you ever think to use time machine for come back to the past? Seems that a producer from Ukraine called Gendroid has managed to do this. He projected his body (and his soul as well) in the early 80s, for capture what happened in the Hip Hop/Electro scene (Afrika Bambaataa, Egyptian Lover, Hashim, Man Parrish, Newcleus, Cybotron, Captain Rock, Grandmaster Flash), when Roland TR-808 and Oberheim DMX were the "hearts" of syncopated rhythms of breakdance. Gendroid is walking on the streets of LA, with a big radio on the shoulder, and he is starting acrobatic dance on the tracks of his EP. Vocoder, scratches, break rhythms and a lot of basses are the main ingredients. And what we can say about the remix by spanish Downrocks? The founder of Beathazard breaks the beat with his own vision of Electro Funk. When the show is at the end, the time machine is turn on again to push the time traveler until the age of dinosaurs.

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