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Mixmaster Mirage - Electro Classics Volume 12

Electro Classics Volume 12 -Tribute To Southside Radio Manchester of 3 mixes....

1.Intro (Various)
2.Whodini-The Haunted House Of Rock
3.Willesden Dodgers-Gunsmoke Breakout
4.C.O.D-In The Bottle
5.Afrika Bambaataa-Renegades Of Funk
6.Imperial Brothers-Dub It Up
7.Hashim-We're Rockin' The Planet
8.Hashim-We're Rockin' The Planet (Bonus Beats)
9.Mutant Rockers-The Principles Of Scratch
10.Mutant Rockers-Scratch My Backing Track
11.Arabian Prince-It Aint Tough
12.Egyptian Lover-Dance
13.MC Fosty & Lovin' C-Radio Activity Rapp
14.Magic Mike Crew-Magic Mike Theme
15.B Beat Girls-Hearts A Hurricane
16.Two Sisters-Hot,Hot Sound
17.Man Parrish-Hip Hop Be Bop (DJ Mirage Edit)
18.Barone-Shake It Up Till Ya Drop
19.Jonzun Crew-Time Is Running Out (Dub)
20.Outro (Sam Brown Southside Radio)

Download Part 1

1.Capt.Rock-Cosmic Blast
2.Capt.Rock-Cosmic Blast (Dub)
3.Bobby Broom-Beat Freak
4.Grandmaster Flash-Alternate Groove
5.MC Flex & The FBI Crew-Rockin' It
6.Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic 3-Request Line
7.Slack-Slack (Funhouse Mix)
8.Two Sisters-High Noon Part 1
9.Shannon-Give Me Tonight (Dub)
10.Tina B-Honey To A Bee (Dub)
11.Afrika Bambaataa-Lokking For The Perfect Beat (Inst)
12.Rama-Dont Want You To Be (Dub)
13.Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam-I Wonder If I Take You Home (Dub)
14.Guru-Who You Dubbin' From
15.Planet Patrol-Rock At Your Own Risk
16.Awesome Foursome-Funky Soul Makossa
17.CM Dance-Off The Hook (Dub)
18.Det Reirruc & The Latin Rascals-Axel F (Club Mix)
19.Word Of Mouth-King Kut (Bonus Beats)
20.DJ Gee-Rappin' 100 Speakers

Download Part 2

1.Paul Hardcastle-Papas Got A Brand New Pigbag (Electrofunk Version)
2.Universal Funk-Zero One
3.Captain Rapp-Bad Times (I Cant Stand It)
4.MC Globe & Whizz Kid-Play That Beat Mr DJ (Inst)
6.Roxanne Shante-Roxannes Revenge
7.D.S.T-Megamix 2 Why Is It Fresh
8.Shaquan-Dont Fess
9.Man Parrish-Boogie Down Bronx (Dub)
10.Run DMC-Jam Master Jammin'
11.Doug E Fresh-Just Having Fun
12.Doug E Fresh-Just Having Fun (Bounus Beats)
13.Doug E Fresh-Original Human Beatbox
14.Egyptian Lover-What Is A DJ/The Ultimate Scratch
15.Rusty P & The Sure Shot 3-Breakdown New York Style
16.Ice T & The Glove-Tibetan Jam
17.Ice T & The Glove-Tibetan Jam (Inst)
18.Ice T & The Glove-Reckless
19.C Jam & Kid Frost-Commando Rock
20.Something,Anything-Monster Rock (DJ Mirage Edit)

Download Part 3

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